Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mallu Bhabhi Suhani Hot In Green Saree Sexy Pictures & Hot Sexy Images

Ever since she started her magical journey on October 22, 1997, Suhani has not looked back. At the young age of 20, she has already done 5000 magic shows! She says, being different has always been her motto and so whatever she did was unique. She kept changing her acts to avoid repetition. A dynamic, young girl, she says she is the only magician to be able to drive any given car blindfolded! With a group of 42 artists assisting her, Suhani usually bases her magic tricks on latest matters of interest such as terror attacks etc. One of her latest illusions is the disappearance of a 14 feet tall replica of the Statue of Liberty on stage.
People watching her magic started believing it to be her divine powers. Suhani however didn’t like this and started spelling out her magic to these people and these explanation sessions soon turned  into counseling sessions which birthed the Suhani Mind Care Centre in Goa. She is a proficient orator, psychosomatic counselor and a powerful hypnotist. Suhani accredits herself of being able to rid several problems such as smoking, cancer or sexual distress. She also has been lecturing at colleges.

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