Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Shabnur Bangladeshi Hot Actress, Dhallywoods famous Hot Actress


Bangladsh Dhallywood top rank celebrity Shabnur marriage. Long time many people discussed about Bangladeshi actress Shabnur marriage. Finally, her marriage with a Chinese man. Bangladeshi actress Shabnur husband name is Micle chang. He is Australian citizen too. This marriage is now warm news in Dhallywood para Shabnur and his mother Mili Begum first said this marriage news is rumor news. But people feel why Shabnur travel Australia frequently. 
So every body believes that Bd actress Shabnur marriage news is correct but hiden. After four months stay in Australia then Shabnur return to Bangladesh. To come to know, this time her husband Micle chang was with her. Some people said that her frequently Australia travel look like as Shabnur take a trip family. A film director said about Bd actress Shabnur some days ago she was very serious about movie performing but now she is less interest about film acting. This is clear that she has lot of mentally change. This change indicates her marriage issue. However know from other source all time Shabnur was avoiding to marriage with Bangladeshi man. She think if she marriage any Bangladeshi man so that Bangladeshi man will be marriage her just for her property. So she does not like to marriage Bangladeshi man. For this reason she marriage foreign citizen. She believes Micle chang is not selfish. Now popular actress Shabnur can be permanent shift to Australia. So she closes her business in Bangladesh.
At present Shabnur sister, brother and her husband permanently live in Australia. So she also wants to shift and live in Australia. Her mother can be shift Australia as early as possible. Earlier Shabnur is always to debate with people about her marriage. Now she is silent about her marriage information. So this silent is deeply mysterious of her marriage. People believe soon Shabnur will introduce with her new husband Micle chang.

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